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Introduction to Painting and Drawing Course

By Paint and Sip Uganda Academy

Learn the Basics of Painting and Drawing

What You'll Learn:

  • Master the ability to draw and paint almost anything.

  • Develop skills to draw and paint what you see and observe.

  • Understand and apply basic lines, shapes, forms, perspective, and highlights.

  • Grasp the essentials of volume, light, shadow, and composition.

  • Gain confidence to further your artistic learning on any subject.

  • Recognize that everything is made of basic shapes.

  • Explore various art forms, including: Still life, Portraiture, Landscapes, Seascapes, Figures, Real life, Textural art, Abstract art, etc
  • Learn about different cleaners and brush techniques, including proper brush handling, positioning, and motion.

  • Get familiar with the terminologies used throughout the course.

  • Build a solid foundation starting from the basics.

  • Understand the science behind materials like acrylic mediums and how to use them for vibrant colors.

  • Begin with fundamental acrylic painting exercises.

  • Complete your first painting using new techniques with a provided simple image.
  • Learn to draw specifically for painting and get your painting right every time.

  • Master underpainting and layering techniques to achieve realism.

  • Utilize visualization and simplification techniques to make painting easier.

  • Learn basic color theory and new color mixing techniques.

  • Manage a combination of colors on one palette effectively.

  • Compartmentalize images to simplify painting any subject.

  • Control a color palette with over 5 color scales, ensuring bright and vibrant paintings.

  • Paint a portrait and mix perfect skin tones with tricks for painting eyes and hair.

  • Draw a viewer’s attention to focal points in your paintings.

  • Discover your personal art style by the end of the course.

What does this course include:

  1. 24hours broken into 12 class sessions each taking 2 hours max.
  2. All the drawing and painting materials you need. Such as,
    • Sketch book.
    • 3 framed fabric canvases of different sizes and shapes
    • 1 Tote bag
    • 2 sets of Bottles
    • Table easel
    • Brushes
    • Acrylic Paints
    • Apron
    • Color pallet.
    • Erasers, pencils, colored pencils
    • Crayons
    • Water cups
    • Wet Wipes
    • Pallet knives

3. Certificate of completion

Course content:

  • Understanding painting materials and how to use them.
  • introduction to Drawing and Painting for beginners.
  • Introduction to portraiture
  • Follow up on correcting portraiture paintings if it was challenging.
  • Explore cubism.
  • Introduction to figures
  • Explore still life.
  • Explore realism.
  • Introduction to landscape/nature
  • Explore sea scape.
  • Explore abstract painting.


Painting and drawing can seem like magic, but it’s a skill that can be taught. This course is designed for anyone, from beginners to those with moderate skill levels. Learn the basics of acrylic painting to create colorful, realistic artworks. Each guided session matches your pace, covering landscape, seascape, portraiture, still life, abstract painting, and more. Every lesson is demonstrated step-by-step, from materials and techniques to color mixing and brush handling. By the end of the course, you’ll confidently paint any subject and discover your unique art style.


Who This Course Is For:

  • Anyone wanting to learn drawing with pencil and paper
  • Anyone wanting to learn non-traditional painting techniques
  • Beginners with zero painting experience
  • Curious artists wanting to enhance their skills
  • Hobbyists interested in learning to paint
  • Those seeking stress relief through art
  • Individuals intimidated by art but eager to try
  • People with painting gear but no idea how to use it
  • Those who tried painting before but need structured guidance

The Tutors: Paint and Sip Uganda Academy

  • 4.8 Instructor Rating
  • 125 Reviews
  • 2015 Students
  • 3 Courses

At Paint & Sip Uganda Academy, we make art simple and fun! Our approach transcends traditional styles, making techniques accessible and enjoyable. Small class sizes ensure personalized attention, fostering individual growth. We focus on practice over talent, helping students unlock their full artistic potential. No homework is required; just bring your best effort to each class. We offer a non-competitive, supportive environment for both children and adults to develop their craftsmanship and creativity.

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