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Our menu is curated to keep your inner artist inspired. We serve a fine selection of wines, beers, and non alcoholic options for purchase along with a variety of mouth watering Dishes!!

Before placing an order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

Food Menu

Food Menu
Item Price (UGX)
Burgers 35,000
Tacos 35,000
Chicken Nuggets 30,000
Chips + Sausage 30,000
Fish Fillet 35,000
Whole Fish 70,000
Pizza (Chicken or Beef) - Large 60,000
Pizza (Chicken or Beef) - Medium 40,000
Chips Chicken Wings 35,000
Chicken Wrap 30,000
Pork Ribs 40,000
Pork Skewers 30,000

Any extras cost 5,000 UGX


Item Price (UGX)
Chips Drum Stick 25,000
A pair of Sausages 10,000
Spanish Omelette 10,000
A pair of Samosas 8,000
Chapati 5,000
Chips & Rolex 25,000


Item Price (UGX)
Vegetarian Wrap 30,000
Pasta Alfredo 40,000
Vegetarian Pizza - Large 60,000
Vegetarian Pizza - Medium 40,000

PLATTER (Serves 3)

Item Price (UGX)
3 Sausages, Chicken Wings, Beef or Pork (not both), Pilawo, Chips or Parsley Potatoes (Not both), Chapati, Salad. 95,000


(Minimum Number: 10pax)
Price (UGX)
Matooke, Pilawo/White Rice, Irish, Chapati/Spaghetti, Beef, Chicken Thigh, Gnuts/Beans & a Soft Drink.

45,000 per Plate
Beef, Pork, Chicken Drum Stick, Potato Wedges, Salad (with Cream) & a Soft Drink.

45,000 per Plate

# Choose Your Drink

Our Drinks Menu

Item Description Price (UGX)
Milk Shakes
Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate Choose one flavour 20,000
Chilled Processed Juices Order from a variety of Orange, Mango, Passion, Apple, Guava. 15,000
Ice Cream
2 scoops (Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate) Choose one flavour 10,000
Kabaka's Farm Tap into your Royal inheritance as you overlook the serene, peaceful farm of the Kabaka of Buganda with this minty, citric drink. 15,000
The Monalisa Take a trip to the Louvre Museum & become the Monalisa herself with this strawberry blend of goodness. 20,000
Paint & Sip Uganda Make your signature mark as you tap into your creative juices at the heart of art. 15,000
Cocktails Menu
Item Description Price (UGX)
The Green Painter For the lovers of Heineken, enjoy this minty blend of happiness as you tantalize your taste buds. (Can be substituted with Tusker Malt or Tusker Lite) 45,000
Caribbean Artist Enjoy this sweet slushy blend of rum, coconut & tropical juice as you create your masterpiece in paradise. 40,000
The Starry Night Enjoy this Vincent Van Gogh inspired blue starry night cocktail with an ooze of Tequila, Rum, Gin & Vodka. 35,000
Art on My Mind This creamy cocktail gives you the perfect drive through the art world, taste it with Rum & Cream. 35,000
Welcome Picasso! Did you love our Welcome drink? Get some more shots of Uganda Waragi Gin from the Pearl Of Africa. 25,000
BellaArt's Sunset Made from Bella's creative juices & Tequila, unleash your inner artist as you sip away! 25,000
Pink Picasso Our art studio perfection of London Gin with aromatic flavors of strawberry & Cider. You definitely have to try this! 45,000
Davinci Guiness Land in the amazing combination of selected Vodka & Rum from the early cultures of art with a touch of Guinness & cream. 35,000
Instructor's Long Island A classic mix of Vodka, Tequila, Gin & cola will be the best way to learn how to paint in case your instructor is far. 35,000
Sangrias A blend of brandy, citrus Vodka, lemon juice, syprus, red/white wine & chopped fruits, SIP, SIP HOORAY!!! A glass 25,000
Pitcher 75,000
Drinks Price (UGX)
Tea (A Pot) 15,000
Coffee (A Pot) 15,000
Water 4,000
Soda 5,000
Red Bull 15,000
Local Beers 8,000
Imported Beers 15,000
Ciders 15,000
Whiskey 1L 750ML Shots
Johnnie Walker Double Black 380,000 15,000
The Hunting Lodge 150,000 8,000
The Famous Grouse 150,000 8,000
Black & White 90,000 8,000
Jameson 220,000 10,000
Singleton 12yrs 200,000 15,000
Singleton 15yrs 230,000 15,000

Gin 750ML Shots
Ug. Premium 70,000 8,000
Ug. Coconut/Pineapple 70,000 8,000
Ug. Lemon & Ginger 85,000 10,000

Vodka 750ML Shots
Smirnoff Vodka 100,000 8,000

Tequila Bottle Shots
Olmeca Gold 220,000 10,000
Olmeca Silver 220,000 10,000

Rum 750ML Shots
Captian Morgan 100,000 8,000

Wine 750ML Glass
Four Cousins Sweet Red 70,000 15,000
Four Cousins Sweet White 70,000 15,000
7 Hills Sweet White 70,000
7 Hills Sweet Red 70,000
Robertson Sweet Red 80,000
Four Cousins Dry Red 80,000
Four Cousins Dry White 80,000
Namaqua Dry Red 80,000
Nedorburg Dry White 120,000

Sparkling Wine Bottle
Fragolino Sweet Red 90,000
Fragolino Sweet White 90,000
Fragolino Rose 90,000
J.P Chenet Pink 90,000
J.P Chenet White 90,000

Liquor 1L 750ML Shots
Bailey's Irish 220,000 150,000 8,000
Amarula 180,000 120,000 8,000
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