FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  How much will it cost?
  • Seats at our studio cost UGX 80,000 (42x42cm canvas) canvas per adult and UGX 55,000 (30x24cm canvas) per child.
  • The fee includes all materials: paints, canvas, brushes, aprons, easels, colors palette, water cup, and an instructor.
  • You get a welcome cocktail or mocktail and get to have a karaoke or games experience. At the end of the session you take your masterpiece painting home.
  1. Who is considered an adult and who is a child?
  • An adult is 11 years old and above.
  • A child is between 3-10 years old.
  1. How do I book?
  • Option 1: Pay using MOMO PAY: 151132.
  • Option 2: Pay using Airtel pay: 6172108.
  • Walk-ins are allowed; payments can be made at the reception.
  • Option 3: Pay via Bank on request (Standard Chartered Bank).
  • Option 4: We allow Visa and Mastercard payments.

    Please Note: We do not offer cash Refunds, Just studio credit

  1. What should I expect?
  • A fun time painting, sipping, singing and dancing! Paint and Sip uganda is an event like no other. You will be instructed to paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in a super fun and non-judgmental environment! The atmosphere is a representation of the artists participating! Expect to sing along to great music, maybe have a dance party or just relax and zone out without a care in the world! Our first priority is to show you how to unwind and have a GOOD TIME!
  • Singing you say! Please Explain…
    A really important fun part of paint and sip sessions is karaoke and we do this at public and private events. At a private external events however we charge accordingly.
  • Paint and Sip Uganda is a unique event where you’ll create a masterpiece in a non-judgmental environment.
  • Expect to sing along to great music, dance, or simply relax.
  1. What is your drink policy?
  • Our drink policy is determined by the location of the event:

     Location 1: our Studio in Kyambogo – Kiwatule

     We offer you a welcome cocktail (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) on the house, you can then proceed to order from the wide selection of beer, ciders,       cocktails, wine, soft drinks and water for sale at the bar! The mouthwatering food menu will have you returning every time😄

      Location 2: Venue and Day chosen by Client

     Clients chosen Location so definitely feel free to BYOB (Buy Your Own Bottle)

  1. Do you offer private parties?
  • Heck Yes! A paint and sip party is perfect for pretty much any celebration known to MAN and WOMAN! Some parties hosted in the past have been birthday parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties, baby showers, work parties, team buildings, Farewell Parties, and one of our faves, a retirement party where we all painted the guest of honor’s face! Ofcourse we LOVE to privately party with you! 
  • Important to note that we charge a transport fee (dependent on your location) to facilitate our team get to the location of your choice on time and safely.
  • At the moment, our minimum order number for a private party is 10 pax, and a fee of UGX 150,000 will be charged when fewer than 10 pax.
  1. Can’t afford price for 10 pax yet interested in a private paint and sip session for 2, date day/night, What do I do?
  • Brilliant Question! We would be very delighted to host you at our fabulous Studio in kyambogo-kiwatule opposite the kabaka’s farm. The environment is very serene with a beautiful roof top for an experience for family, teams, friends or a couple that will be ached in your memory for a long time! At Paint and Sip Uganda, We LOVE LOVE!!!!
  1. Any discounts? Who doesn’t like a discount?
  • You’ll be happy to know that we do indeed offer holiday discounts follow our socials media pages @PaintAndSipUganda to keep up with running offers and discounts!
  1. What is your cancellation policy?
  • A 48-hour notice is required for session credit.
  • No cash refunds; no rescheduling for no-shows.
  • Rare cancellations due to weather; contact at least 48 hours in advance.
  1. Can I do my own painting or instruct friends/family?
  • Yes, painting materials are available for sale (e.g., easel, apron, brushes, canvas, painting kit).
  • Painting kits include canvas, paint brushes, color paint, color palettes, water cup, and a disposable apron.
  1. More Products and Services:
  • Pottery: Vases and pots at various prices.
  • Face and Body Painting: Available for studio events, party packages, and photo shoots.
  • Tot bags: Available forany event

Important to note that we charge a transport fee (dependent on your location) to facilitate our team get to the location of your choice on time and safely.

At the moment, our minimum order number for a private party is 10 pax, and a fee of UGX 150,000 will be charged when fewer than 10 pax.

12. Want to do your own solo painting or instruct your friends/ family?

You will be delighted to know that we can still serve you. At the paint and sip store we have all painting materials available for sale (items and costs below) and we do deliver them to you so you can use them as you deem fit.

  • Standing Easel UGX 100,000
  • Leather apron UGX 80,000
  • Brushes UGX5,000
  • Paint and sip Tshirt UGX 50,000
  • Adult canvas UGX 45,000
  • Child canvas UGX 35,000
  • Adult painting kit UGX 80,000  
  • Child painting kit UGX 55,000  

NB: painting kit includes 1 canvas, paint brushes, color paint, color pallets, water cup and a disposable apron.

  1. More products and services


  • 1 big 2 small vases UGX 80,000
  • 3 small pots UGX 80,000
  • 24*30 canvas + 1 pot UGX 80,000
  • 2small pots UGX 55,000

Face and body painting

  • Studio event UGX 10,000
  • Party package UGX 300,000
  • Photo shoot depends on concept

Tote Bag

  • 1 bag UGX 80,000

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